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We also have a small Gacha yard sale.

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I didn’t shop as much as might have at the various sales over the last weekend, but I did make sure to pick up a naughty little number from Solange. I am not much for keeping my blog entirely SFW, I am afraid. ;) I thought it looked particularly fetching together with the Zodiac offering from Evie’s Closet, a delicate “bridle” that comes in two beautifully ornamented versions.

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The Kira silk from Solange comes with three options for the top, allowing for different amounts of exposure. I rather liked this option with the flexi dangle, it seemed the most teasing to me. The skirt also comes in two options; short (as here) and long.

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The Centaur’s Bridle from Evie’s Closet is a lovely and oh so delicate piece of very unusual jewellery. I found it quite easy to fit to a range of head-shapes with just a bit of stretching or tilting.

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The second piece of face jewellery is the Kelpie’s Bridle, which features sea-inspired ornaments.

My gorgeous eyes are from Mayfly, a store which offers a wide range of very lovely mesh eyes. They have several different styles, for example in terms of the reflections, and all the eyes are scripted with size changing and various other options.

For my skin, I am showing off the lovely Disa from Adam n Eve yet again, this time on a shape that I hope to have out on the Marketplace soon.

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